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Easy ticketing

Tickets are created with the mobile app directly on the spot, or via the web application in the office. If you create a ticket, you can add attributes such as contractor, title, priority and completion date. Furthermore you can add the plan position, pictures, text or voice memos to each ticket. A drawing function also allows you to add annotations to images.

defect management smartphone
Direkte Kommunikation auf der Baustelle

Direct communication

Each project participant, from the general contractor to the craftsman, can record defects and assign a ticket to the responsible person. This person will receive an automatic notification as soon as the ticket has been created. Direct communication not only reduces the incidence of errors in documentation tasks, but also the time and costs of your quality assurance processes.

Complete documentation

DefectRadar bundles all information on project status, construction documentation and fault management for you. This not only saves you valuable time after completion of the construction project, but also during the proofing process. At DefectRadar, you will find all text annotations, photos or voice memos structured. With a few clicks you can export reqiered data and statistics.

Baudokumentation erstellen
configurable pdf report

Configurable PDF reports

You can export project data, statistics, reports and tickets at any time. DefectRadar offers you the possibility to export data as layouted PDF or MS Excel file. You can apply filters while exporting data which allows you to export only relevant data you need. PDF exports can be provided with your own company logo, free text and project photos.

Offline mode

DefectRadar also works in offline mode. If you do not have access to the internet on your mobile device, you can still use all DefectRadar features as usual. After renewed internet access, DefectRadar automatically updates all changes in the cloud and on all mobile devices.

Filterfunktion mit PlanRadar

Feature Listing

Invite users

All involved parties see the construction progress in real time and help in the documentation and defect management.

Upload plans

You can upload plans to locate defects directly. Any number of project levels are possible.

Manage projects

Manage and personalize projects according to your needs. Project details and functions create structure.

All devices

The DefectRadar app is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as in the most popular browsers.


All changes are synchronized to all project participants in real time. An offline mode is available.


Thanks to automatic notifications, all project participants are always up-to-date.

Data export

Download project details or tickets as PDF or MS-Excel. Create personalized templates and statistics.

Filter functions

With just a few clicks you get all the data you need. Accesses from the app and web app are possible.

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